Content As A Branding Strategy

May 2, 2016

Our Assertion # 1: Any business that is in the business of, well, doing business, should carefully guard and nurture their brand.

We all know this; it’s not rocket science. So we rest our case on this right here.


Our Assertion # 2: Everything that you put out there, be it on your website, your brochures, and of course, your documentation, willy-nilly becomes a part of your brand, regardless of whether it is a conscious strategic decision or not.

Hmm. Something to think about. According to Marketing and Branding Guru Al Ries, your brand is what lies inside your customer’s head. In other words, your brand value is derived from your customers’ perceptions of it. So it logically follows that anything that creates or alters the perception of your company in your customers’ mind, unwittingly becomes part of your branding strategy, whether you like it or not! So what creates or alters this perception other than your content? Think a little harder, and we realize that it makes sense to take control of this critical component of your brand called content, instead of leaving it to the wind to push it any which way.


Our Assertion # 3: Your content becomes your brand.

Think about it. Your brand is only as good as that part of it that is visible to the outside world. And your content — be it written content, or media like images, audio recordings and podcasts, videos, and so on — is the one very vital component of what appears to outsiders. So we would not be reaching when we assert that your content becomes your brand.


Your business is your brand. Are you willing to compromise on your brand value just because your content is not up to the mark?

Regardless of your target market, we assert that you should take full control of your content or risk losing your everything to chance. The latter is something like playing Russian Roulette, isn’t it?

Communication is both a need and a tool for any business that wants to retain its leadership position. As such, this vital function needs to be done effectively, especially while dealing with your customers and your partner network, and for this you most certainly need well-written content. It’s a vital necessity in today’s business that your communications with your associates, as well as your content be top-notch, or you risk losing out to your competitors.

Because good writing makes all the difference between eliciting an intent of interest from your potential customers or a disdainful cold shoulder. Wordsome helps you deliver just the right impact that will give you effective and measurable results.