Wordsome: Software Documentation Only!

Well, doesn’t Wordsome look smarter now from the last time you were here?

As a matter of fact, we have done a complete revamp of this website so that there is  only one area of focus now, and that is, software documentation.

We have evolved as a company and have now come to realize that there is only so much time that we have on our hands; Secondly, we cannot be everything for everyone. We therefore decided to narrow down our organizational focus specifically to where we can play to our strengths: software and writing. You see, we have more than two decades of work experience, and have developed software practically on every development platform that you care to name; Ergo, we decided that now is the time to focus solely on what we do best: writing about software, or more precisely, writing software documentation.

Writing comes very easily to us, and with several clients under our hat, we feel we are in a unique position to tap our talents for writing about code to the fullest.

So, till next time, ciao 🙂