Our Code of Ethics

May 1, 2016

Content Creation

We never plagiarize content from other sources like websites, documents, and other such copyrighted content available publicly. We do quote extensively from valid references which are often copyrighted works; however, we ensure that we add references each time they are used.

We never pick up large tracts of content from other sources, and if we do use other content, we ensure that we have the requisite permissions to do so, and even then we mention the source very unambiguously and prominently.

Client Confidentiality

We operate by a strong set of ethics to ensure that our customers are always assured of full confidentiality of their classified information that they have entrusted with us.

We never, ever share one customer’s documents or information with any other, even — and more so — if they belong to the same vertical.

We ensure that each of the personnel involved in our client projects has signed a back-to-back non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so that our client’s valuable IP information is never compromised.