May 1, 2016

Wordsome was founded and is headed by Najeeb Shaikh, a software programmer, writer, entrepreneur and educator based in the Indian city of Bombay/Mumbai, India.

He mainly helps technology companies including startups with various aspects of setting up a business including writing a business plan, weighing technology and platform decisions, handling startup-related issues, as well as obtaining angel funding and venture capital. He is a strong advocate of open source software and helps companies in the adoption of open source (and free) software for all kinds of enterprise needs.

Najeeb Shaikh

Najeeb Shaikh

Other than software, Najeeb also writes for a living, including content like technical and non-technical documentation, product manuals, online help, standard operating procedures, and so on. His speciality, however, lies in writing business plans. Najeeb has on his team skilled and well-qualified professionals in various roles like researchers, writers, software developers, and so forth. He recently released a book on Amazon which is now free and can be downloaded off here. A thorough professional himself, he operates by a strict set of rules and ethics so that at no time is his client’s valuable data or IP compromised.

Having been an avid reader since childhood with a lifelong commitment to learning, reading is something that Najeeb does on a daily basis, at times averaging nearly 4-5 (or even more) hours per day, learning about the latest developments in the technology industry, as well as books on self-development and various aspects of business and marketing.

Being a self-learner, he claims to have expertise in a variety of areas like Software Programming and Technology; Sales, Marketing & Branding; SEO & SMM; Self Development; Health & Nutrition; and so on and so forth.

You can also follow him on Twitter (@NajeebShaikh). You are also welcome to get in touch with him any time for a personal chat.